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I’m excited to officially announce my upcoming electronic album, OldStyle. This album is a collaboration with my brother Dj CUTMAN. OldStyle is a collection of some of my favorite baroque pieces remixed into electronic dance music (EDM).

OldStyle features instrumental works by composers throughout the baroque era and throughout Europe. Both 17th and 18th centuries are represented, as well as French, Italian, English, and German styles. In that same vein, we tried to represent a number of styles present in the EDM genre as well—house, trap, hip hop, chiptune.

Why remixes?
I think the more we explore music, the more we see how much of it is the same. I may have initially been drawn to baroque music because the sound was unique, but the more I study it, the more I find parallels with present day. I find it remarkable that something created 300 years ago can still convey a human experience—it reminds us…

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The Video Game DJ himself, DJ CUTMAN, just released his first mixtape in the new series ChipTuneMusic, a tribute to the artists who create music from old computers and video game systems. The 25 tracks were collected from the online Chiptune communities 8BitCollective.org and 8BitPeoples.com, websites that offer all of their releases for free. The 70 minute “mixtape” takes you on a journey through the undeniably fun and relentlessly danceable sounds of a ChipTuneMusic world.

ChipTuneMusic Volume 1

You can learn more about DJ CUTMAN at his website, www.DjCUTMAN.com

Moving Box audio engineer Chris Davidson AKA Dj CUTMAN performed his first DJ set @ RETURN OF THE DEATH BEAR last week. After discovering the pimp-awesome music site SoundCloud, Chris posted his set online for anyone to listen to it (this means you!) He mixes familiar game tunes  and covers with high quality arrangement and production. This isn’t an 8-bit orgy of square waves, all these tracks are all well-produced pieces of music. Chris says:

“I’m bringing something new to the table, only the best in video game remixes and chip-tune music. Remixing classic game tunes has been going on for a long time, but only a few tracks shine in the sea of under-produced and poorly-mixed remixes. Being an audio producer myself, I hope to highlight some of the awesome compositions and superb production skills of the incredible talent in the game remix and chip-tune communities.”

Listen here:

Wondering what some of these tracks are? Watch the video on Vimeo

Trip to LA was absolutely crazy. Connor and I had some possible shitty situations thrown at us, but we persevered. When we landed in LA, the rental car we had reserved had their lot closed, and it if wasn’t for another bored traveler we probably would have waited for that bus for an hour. We went to one of the only open places, Avis, and managed to get a car. Only after Connor’s two credit cards wouldn’t go through and I had to put it on mine. People who were renting at that time were having problem with their cars, but we lucked out … except for the fact out XM radio had only one channel and our GPS was so old it was like a game of Pong powered by D batteries . But it’s fine, we made it to Connor’s boy’s place and crashed.

We woke up early and got some breakfast/lunch at Chipole, a really good burrito chain. Kind of kicked the crap out of Viva and That Burrito Place in Ithaca. Really good, fresh tortillas too that made a big difference.

After breakfast we took our friend “Stash” back to the place and plugged our bootleg GPS in and made it over to Twentieth Century Fox’s movie lot. We arrived with about two hours in which I dragged Connor around the whole goddamn place being a dork like “Look at all the shipping palettes they have!” “Oh shit imagine if we had that many C-Stands!” Got some Coffee at the “News Cafe”, practiced our pitch a little on some nice benches and arrived 15 minutes early to the Executive Building, to be led upstairs to the 3rd floor.

To wait for 20 minutes. “Oh, sorry guys, Mike is in a meeting, it’ll be another 20 minutes.” That’s cool, the chairs were comfy, we could wait, but in 20 minutes the same lady came out and told us our guy was too booked today and couldn’t meet with us. She asked us if we were available tomorrow. I sure as hell wasn’t, I had to get back and earn last months rent. But Connor worked his magic or something because she found us another guy to meet with: The VP of Digital Marketing. Very cool, he is also in charge of finding talent (like us!) and working on Internet based promotions and projects. Super awesome luck out. He was impressed with out pilot, we gave him a DVD and a pitch book. We also continued to chat with the lady, who turned out to be pretty high up on the corporate stepstool or stairs or whatever. A huge South Park fan, she gave us a list of other networks she thought were a good fit for Olympus Burger.

We left the meeting feeling really good. We chilled for a bit then headed over to Connor’s friends workplace, an education center for medical cannabis patients. Then I don’t remember what happened. Oh yeah, my plane got delayed, but it allowed for the following awesome fun: A drive through the upper class neighborhood, some crazy trees and bush… grooming… whateveryacallit.

Korean BBQ! Holy shit, this place was amazing. We met up with Connor’s old friend Han Jin and headed to Korea Town to an All You Can Eat Korean BBQ. I ate so much awesome beef, and a bunch of other things. I’m a little meat-drunk right now, andit’s awesome. I’m going to crash so seriously on the plane. Which is good, because I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since the day before we left.

Dad picked me up at the Airport and drove back to Ithaca, slept in the car a little… i think. Dad got to check out the studio, which was cool because he hadn’t seen it. Gave me some advice about the recording studio, very helpful.

I posted some pictures on Facebook.

Oh yeah, Tony Glitz

April 9, 2009

Tony Glitz has me to thank for who he is.

Today I went on a two hour photoshoot for Jack’s Grill photographing hamburgers. I got three burgers for free. They were extra big burgers too for the shoot. I’ve never been on a shoot before where I got to eat the models. I’ve never been on a professional photoshoot until today either. I didn’t tell my client that, but I borrowed a friend’s Canon Rebel digital camera and the pictures came out awesome.

Look at ’em.

Now I’m making notes about a cartoon at the studio with my friends and my cat. I can smoke in the back room. I have the best job ever.

Now if only I work like this everyday…

Awesome Birthday

March 8, 2009

I had an awesome birthday weekend. It warmed up a lot. On my birthday Joe bought an HDTV and an XBOX 360 for the studio, it’s awesome.

Had a killer party catered by Taste of Thai and thanks to Chris Kush and Top Shelf Liquor we had plenty to drink. It was a great crowd, the house stayed clean, and I think everyone had a good time. Jesse got me a pimp-tastic chopstick set, which I’m useing it now to shovel leftover Pad Thai into my face. We had wine, whiskey, rum, tequila, and gin, and a ton of great thai food. Ill post some pictures.

All and all, totally sweet. Saw Watchmen at midnight on the 6th, Xannie and Asia saved us awesome sweats. I did a logo that paid in cash, so I was able to like…by stuff for the past few days. Totally sweet having money.


December 1, 2008

On Black Friday this year I got a pair of Asic running shoes, and they are the shit. There’s some bubbly crap in the heels that makes running so much more comfortable. I talked to my sister a bit about running form.

Today I ran about 10 blocks. 3 blocks straight, last time I tried to run I could only do 2. Two weeks ago, I could barely do 1. Progress!

I was stressing out about some things and drinking Maté. I noticed it stopped raining and I just got dressed and went for a run. As soon as I got going everything just blew away. All I could think about was my body. Ah catharsis.

Now my body is sore as shit. I guess i didn’t stretch enough or just not used to it, because i can barly walk around. It’s pretty rad I guess, cause it means I’m gonna be huge. hoo ray.

kind of lost my focus while writing. I’m going to go work on the Moving Box Facebook Group

I did not proofread this post.


November 29, 2008

Alright, so I’m a big lady, and I love black friday. Today my Mom and I got up at 7:00AM and went to the mall in Emily’s town in hartford, CT. It was not crazy (stores opened as early as 4:00AM!). It was fun, it wasn’t super competitive but I got a $100 cookware for about $30, and 75% a sweater at J Crew. At about 11:00AM it started getting crazy and we left, getting lunch at a diner and taking my car to the shop. To my horror I find that it’ll take $500 to fix the exaust system in my car, which has rotted out and become very loud and terrible. Driving down to Hartford was like riding in a leaf-blower. Anywhat, we got it fixed and I got some body pillows for our livingroom and running shoes (finally!) so things are good.

I miss my kitty TWEENIES!!!

Now we’re watching “Love Actually”, my mom, sister, Casey and big nerd brother on the computer device.

I didn’t proofread this post.


November 29, 2008

I have trouble feeling secure when I’m by myself. I believe this has contributed to a lot of the social turmoil I’ve been dealing with lately. to I’m stating here, publicly, on the blag-o-tubes, that I’m going to actively start working on this. It will make me more awesome, and require less of the people around me.
Thanks to those who’ve helped me identify this.

Had a talk with Alex on the phone about the whole breakup and situation surrounded it. It was actually a good, I’ve kind of been holding my side of the story in, out of respect or whatever virtue I was using as an excuse from dealing with it. I guess I just didn’t want to stirr up drama, turns out I was sturring up myself but not getting it out. But turns out Alex and I still have rapport enough to talk and get this stuff out. To be honest, I was a bit resentful that after the breakup Alex and Amalia were talking and I wasn’t talking to either of them. But I feel a release right now that I haven’t felt since the break-up.

I want to communicate with Amalia again, I’m not happy having her omitted from my life. When the time comes, I think it will happen. Now that I’m sure it’s what I want, I am that much more certain that it will happen.