I am intranced by this out of control Flash comic called NAWLZ.

“Nawls is a not-for-profit production exploring the capabilities of web technology to provide new immersive story experiences online”

It takes place in some super-future where astro-projection is possible through the use of mind-altering technology available at the consumer level. WHAT. What I meant is you can buy acid at Best Buy. Pretty out of control art and ideas, definitely worth checking out an issue or two.

Each issue features it’s own music, animation, and sound design. Very, very cool stuff.







hell yeah insurance!

January 18, 2009

Best Saturday night ever, not really, three sober hours at the bowling alley will do that, but I got my motherfuckin new york state benefit card in the mail. Thank you New York State, CHRISTOPHE DAVIDSO is deeply honored. Still super cool, going to get some inhalers so I can get back to running! Which is also good, because I’ve been feeling like I’ve had a lot of pent up energy not getting out.

I was probably too baked to proofread this post