Historically Incorrect


I’m excited to officially announce my upcoming electronic album, OldStyle. This album is a collaboration with my brother Dj CUTMAN. OldStyle is a collection of some of my favorite baroque pieces remixed into electronic dance music (EDM).

OldStyle features instrumental works by composers throughout the baroque era and throughout Europe. Both 17th and 18th centuries are represented, as well as French, Italian, English, and German styles. In that same vein, we tried to represent a number of styles present in the EDM genre as well—house, trap, hip hop, chiptune.

Why remixes?
I think the more we explore music, the more we see how much of it is the same. I may have initially been drawn to baroque music because the sound was unique, but the more I study it, the more I find parallels with present day. I find it remarkable that something created 300 years ago can still convey a human experience—it reminds us…

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