December 1, 2008

On Black Friday this year I got a pair of Asic running shoes, and they are the shit. There’s some bubbly crap in the heels that makes running so much more comfortable. I talked to my sister a bit about running form.

Today I ran about 10 blocks. 3 blocks straight, last time I tried to run I could only do 2. Two weeks ago, I could barely do 1. Progress!

I was stressing out about some things and drinking Maté. I noticed it stopped raining and I just got dressed and went for a run. As soon as I got going everything just blew away. All I could think about was my body. Ah catharsis.

Now my body is sore as shit. I guess i didn’t stretch enough or just not used to it, because i can barly walk around. It’s pretty rad I guess, cause it means I’m gonna be huge. hoo ray.

kind of lost my focus while writing. I’m going to go work on the Moving Box Facebook Group

I did not proofread this post.


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