November 29, 2008

Alright, so I’m a big lady, and I love black friday. Today my Mom and I got up at 7:00AM and went to the mall in Emily’s town in hartford, CT. It was not crazy (stores opened as early as 4:00AM!). It was fun, it wasn’t super competitive but I got a $100 cookware for about $30, and 75% a sweater at J Crew. At about 11:00AM it started getting crazy and we left, getting lunch at a diner and taking my car to the shop. To my horror I find that it’ll take $500 to fix the exaust system in my car, which has rotted out and become very loud and terrible. Driving down to Hartford was like riding in a leaf-blower. Anywhat, we got it fixed and I got some body pillows for our livingroom and running shoes (finally!) so things are good.

I miss my kitty TWEENIES!!!

Now we’re watching “Love Actually”, my mom, sister, Casey and big nerd brother on the computer device.

I didn’t proofread this post.


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